Collins and Hayes-Outstanding quality at Barkers Home

Situated on the coast in the south east of England and steeped in history, Collins and Hayes has been successfully designing, developing and manufacturing upholstered furniture, of the highest quality, for over 130 years.
Skilled craftsmanship, combined with both traditional and modern techniques, means that we at Collins and Hayes can proudly offer you a bespoke service with several unique benefits. Our upholstery is individually handmade to meet our customers specific requirements, as well as our own. Our wealth of knowledge and well established reputation ensures a deep understanding of the materials and skills required, which culminates in beautifully designed and crafted furniture.
The name was developed from the Collins family, who were high quality cabinetmakers and the Hayes family, which specialised in top-end upholstery. The business ceased manufacturing cabinet furniture after the Second World War, and has since focused on quality upholstery.

We currently have the Beaton, Horst and Conley models here in store to view, along with a vast selection of stunning Collins and Hayes swatches.