Windsor Collection


This stunning dining collection is archetypal Ercol and has been in production in various guises since the late 1950s. Created by Ercols founder Lucian Ercolani, these cabinets have become design classics. Made using traditional craft techniques and modern machining these cabinets have the beauty of displayed dovetail joints and iconic oval wooden handles.It offers an extensive range of living and dining furniture that has been created with integrity and is fit for purpose. Ercol have been mindful to adapt and evolve the range to suit the changing needs as lifestyles and technology have changed. For this reason, it remains one of our most popular ranges to this day. Choose from a wide variety of chairs, tables, cabinets and occasional pieces.The timber of all the pieces in this range is enhanced by the use of our water borne lacquers which bring out the qualities of the grain in your choice of one of our different finishes to compliment your style and decor.

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Product Details

Sizes Available:
Solid ash dining table: CLOSED: L 104cm W 90cm H 73cm OPEN: L 149cm W 90cm H73cm
Dining table: L 160cm (closed) / 191cm (1 leaf open) / 221cm (2 leaves open) /252cm (3 leaves open) W 102cm H 73cm
Ash Lamp Table: W 44cm D 50cm H 65cm
Sideboard: W 156cm D 46cm H 69cm
Ash Sideboard: W156cm D 46cm H 93cm
Dining Table: L 21cm (closed)/71cm (1 leaf open)/120cm (fully open) W 107cm H 73cm
Classic Rocking Chair: W 60cm D 76cm H 107cm SH 40cm
Ash Dining Chair: W 60cm D 57cm H 99cm SH 47cm
Ash Dining Chair: W 51cm D 57cm H 99cm SH 47cm
Grand Dining Chair: W 51cm D 57cm H 99cm SH 47cm
Console Table: W 79cm D 41cm H 72cm
Coffee Table: W 130cm D 56cm H 45
Quaker Dining Chair: W 49cm D 60cm H 100cm SH 42cm
Quaker Arm Chair: W 65cm D 60cm H 100cm SH 42cm
Traditional Chair: W 65cm D 53cm H 89cm SH 42cm
Dining Chair (Six Spindle): W 49cm D 53cm H 89cm SH 42cm
Wooden Cabinet: W 91cm D 46cm H 68cm
Wooden Cabinet: W 91cm D 46cm H 68cm
Bookcase: W 91cm D 33cm H 99cm
Media Unit: W 156cm D 46cm H 48cm
Sideboard: W 104cm D 46cm H 93cm
Sideboard: W156cm D 46cm H 93cm
Ash Sideboard: W 156cm D 32cm H 91cm
Office Furniture: W 91cm D44cm H 114cm
Storage Unit: W 91cm D 46cm H 55cm
Corner TV Cabinet: W 91cm D 71cm H 55cm

Finishes Available:
Clear Lacquer, Straw, Light Finish, Golden Dawn

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