Esker Style 2 Collection


Combining classic design principles with contemporary vision, Esker is carefully crafted and exquisitely shaped to give it a distinctive character. The matt-painted finish, coupled with subtle contours, adds to the sophistication of this range and creates a soft variation within the modern collection. Distinguished and individual. Inspired by a tranquil boutique hotel, style 2 cleverly combines relaxed bohemian chic with soft cashmere shades, matt finishes and rich walnut woodgrains. The timeless earthy tones, soft linen, hessian textures and crochet detail give it a relaxed atmosphere. Accentuating the wall-to-wall wardrobes, a functional display unit creates a focal feature, making the most of a modest-sized master bedroom, within a contemporary townhouse. This style reflects the fun-loving sociable personalities of those who don't take themselves too seriously.

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Product Details

Sizes Available:
Single Wardrobe: W40 x H226cm, W45 x H226cm, W50 x H226cm
Double Wardrobe: W80 x H226cm, W90 x H226cm, W100 x H226cm
3 Drawer Bedside Table: W50 x H54.6cm
4 Drawer Chest Wide: W100 x H79cm

Finishes Available:
Choice of Colours

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